Your guide to content for Christmas social media campaigns

Have you thought about a Christmas campaign on your social media platforms?

It will soon be Christmas again! It seems to come round so quick, doesn’t it? For businesses, Christmas can be one of the busiest times of the year. The festive season is also a great time to engage online and increase sales, boost traffic and gain more email subscribers. Perfect timing for a social media campaign!

With the arrival of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, many households are now starting their Christmas shopping in November. So it’s important to be planning your Christmas campaigns now.

Remember to decide upon your goal, so that you can measure success.

Here are some useful suggestions for social media content ideas, during the festive season.

1. Run a Christmas giveaway or competition

Christmas campaign social mediaChristmas is the perfect time of year to run a competition. It is also a chance to generate some good engagement for your posts. Who doesn’t like something for free!

Some tips to help you out:

  • Have a great prize
  • Post the rules on your website (or somewhere else)
  • Use a free tool to pick a winner, such as WooBox
  • Check the Ts & Cs for competition posts for your platform
  • Tag the winners and send them a direct message to let them know they have won.

2. Create a gift guide

Christmas campaign social media presentsYou could create a gift guide on your blog/website. Or even better, showcase one through a series of social media posts.

Some suggestions to consider:

  • Create a product theme focused around your target audience.
  • Space out your posts so you’re not being too salesy, mix up with other content too.
  • Highlight why your products are the perfect gift for your followers or their family and friends.
  • Tie your posts together with a catchy hashtag e.g. #12DaysOfGiftmas

What about some other ideas? You could team up with another business to run a collaboration, and feature each other’s products. Or see if you can get your products into someone else’s gift guide!

3. Make your profiles look the festive part

Add some festivities to your profile and cover images to make them look the part.

You can create easy templates like this one, with tools such as Canva. Add some of your products to the festive themed template, to make them look the part.

Christmas campaign social media

4. Speak to peoples emotions

Think about the emotions people are feeling around this time of year.Christmas campaign social media

Christmas is hopefully a happy time of year, where people want to spend time with family and friends. There is a sense of togetherness and warmth. However, Christmas can also be a difficult time for many people for a number of reasons.

Consider your target audience, and how you can draw upon their feelings. Use this to create a Christmas campaign which will help achieve your social media goals.

Remember you’re not just trying to sell! Think about the benefits of your product/service and how it can help people at this time of year.

5. Memorable content

Bearing the above in mind, think about creating memorable content. Content that will spark an emotion, be that happiness, warmth, a longing for togetherness or something else. It’s also a good time of year to have some fun with your business. From pictures of you in a Christmas jumper to your products with Santa hats on!

Video remains the most shareable form of content, particularly on Facebook, so get creating! Videos don’t need to be long and can be made on your mobile phone.

6. Social Media Advertising

Christmas campaign social mediaA Christmas campaign is a good time to invest in social media advertising, to gain extra reach for your posts.
You can really target down your audience to identify you audience in terms of:
  • where they live
  • how old they are
  • what their interests are

That is only the start of it! This means that your posts will only be seen by potential customers, so you’re not wasting your budget.

If you haven’t done any advertising before, then start small and test what works. You don’t need to spend a large amount of money.

7. Hashtags

Christmas campaign social mediaIt’s a great idea to create a hashtag for your Christmas campaign. Ideally something unique for your business, or you could jump onto a popular one already out there. 

There are different etiquettes for different platforms.

  • Twitter – usually 2 or maybe 3
  • Instagram –  up to 30
  • Facebook – they’re not really the done thing. You can use your own but test out using more as it can look spammy.

Try not to just use the obvious ones, as most people will be using these. If you use hashtags that have been used less e.g. less than 500,000 posts, your post will be visible for longer.

You will need to research what’s best for your industry but here are a few examples:

#ChristmasGiftIdeas #ChristmasGiftGuide #ChristmasCheer #ChristmasMagic #ChristmasCountdown #Christmassy #ChristmasPresents #ChristmasSeason 

I hope that helps you get started with some inspiration – good luck! If you need help getting to grips with anything outlined in the blog then just get in touch. 

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